Zohaib Kazi’s diverse body of work includes creating music, producing digital series and authoring a graphic novel, ‘Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher.’ Zohaib’s immensely successful digital series for Patari, ‘Fanoos’ is an attempt towards re-discovering Pakistani roots, by scouting regional talent across all corners of Pakistan and packaging them in an urban capsule to amplify the talent’s reach in the digital universe. Through the understanding of various cultures in music, ‘Fanoos’ successfully attempted to blur the provincial boundaries in an attempt to reunite Pakistanis by allowing them to see and experience the sounds of their country on a macro, holistic level. ‘Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher,’ Zohaib’s debut graphic novel and music album, is a narrative that merges his curiosity in the field of science, literature and graphic design, in an attempt to make the world aware of several concepts in a form that is both informative and entertaining. In addition, Zohaib is the former General Manager and Associate Producer for Coke Studio Pakistan.