Shahzeb Khan


Shahzeb Khan has taught at various Pakistani universities over the course of eighteen years. During this time he has facilitated scores of students to think for themselves and not become victims of ‘received wisdom.’

With an MPhil in Postcolonial Literature and a PhD (currently in its final phase), he aligns his research with his teaching objectives and digs deep into the history of the present. His columns, which highlight the need for decolonization, have appeared in Dawn and The News, among others. In universities where he has taught and researched, Shahzeb Khan has promoted the movement of decoloniality. With colleagues at Punjab University, in 2016, he established an intellectual forum called Indigenizing Knowledge Forum (InK Forum) which aimed to decolonize knowledge systems entrenched in Pakistani universities. The forum has, since then, regularly arranged discussions on topics ranging from Geopolitics of Philosophy to Colonial Construction of Indian History. Through his academic activism, Shahzeb Khan aims to develop human-centric curricula and subjectivities.


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