After the immense success of TEDxLahore 2016 and TEDxLahoreWomen (also held last year), Irteza Ubaid, the curator of TEDxLahore and the official Pakistan Ambassador for TEDx events in the country, will be hosting TEDxLahore 2017 on the 22nd of October.

Launched in 1984 in the US, TED (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design) stands as one of the most renowned conferences in the world that features professionals to inspire and stir its audiences with hard-hitting talks delivered by professionals from each and every walk of life. From scientists, psychologists, musicians, astronauts and more – TED’s incredible talks present ideas ‘worth spreading,’ and are translated into over a hundred languages across the globe.

TEDx on the other hand, is an offshoot of TED, which allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to host independently organized events (once they’re granted a license) which are modeled around a similar TED format in a bid to aid communities and individuals to come together on one platform to encourage, motivate and stimulate.  

And this year, TEDxLahore aims to do just that; with a speaker list of seven incredible changemakers, the theme of the event will focus on the way forward for Pakistan: what does the future hold? And, most importantly, where do we go from here?